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Musical Files for Birnbaum Exhibit

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Musical Note

Tov Lehodos

 Recording of Franz Schubert's “Tov LeHodos.” The Majesty of Holiness: Masterworks from the Great Nineteenth-Centruy Synagogues of Berlin, Paris, and Vienna. (1997). The Zamir Chorale of Boston. Edwin Swanborn, organ. Newton, MA.


Musical Note

Kol Nidrei

Recording of Kol Nidre as sung at the Königsberg Synagogue. The High Holidays in the Koenigsberg Tradition. (1984). Königsberg: Beth Hatefusoth Records Jewish Musical Heritage. “Rinat” Israel National Choir. Stanley Sperber, conductor. Naftali Herstik, cantor. Raymond Goldstein, organ. 

Musical Note


Recording of Hashkivenu by Eduard Birnbaum. Cantorial highlights of the synagogue: Meisterwerke der Synagogenmusik des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts. (2000). Recorded live at Berliner Dom. Isaac Sheffer, cantor. Peter-Michael Seifried, organ and piano.

Musical Note

Psalm 133

Recording of Psalm 133 by Salomon Sulzer. Erik L.F. Contzius, baritone. Kimberly Marshall, organ. (1999). How Excellent is Thy Name: Musical Devotions of the Emancipated Jew. Seattle, WA: Loft.

Musical Note

S'u Sh'arim

Recording of S’u Sh’arim by Louis Lewandowski. Allen J. Sever, Don Gurney, Joyce Rosensweig. (1999). Jubilee Concert: Celebrating the Past and Present of the School of Sacred Music. New York: Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion.