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July 28, 3pm Hebrew Lettering Workshop (Klau, Cincinnati)

Join us at the Cincinnati Klau Library of the Hebrew Union college - Jewish Institute of religion for an afternoon of making and learning! Local Judaica artist Beth Goldstein will instruct the group in Hebrew lettering techniques and participants will practice what they learn before selecting a Hebrew phrase or verse to create a finished project. This activity is geared towards adults and children (minimum age 10) and will include a brief exploration of beautiful lettering and calligraphy from some manuscript highlights in the Klau Library’s collection. Space is limited! *For this event, there is a $5 supply fee, payable in cash at the door.

August 22, 2pm Taste of the Catskills (Klau, Cincinnati)

Join the Klau Library for an afternoon of reminiscing about many sunny and delightful summers spent in the Catskills while you enjoy the Klau Library’s new exhibit with “The Borscht Belt: Jews on Vacation” and partake in some traditional Jewish Resort-era  refreshments. A lively panel discussion will be led by charismatic Catskills “regulars” as they share with us their different experiences and memories in Catskills resorts and bungalow colonies. RSVP

September 23, 7pm Jews and Comics (Klau, Cincinnati)

Bill Love, a long-time collector and published comic reviewer, will be speaking about the impact of Jews on the comic book scene. His talk is titled “Comics Without Jews? Nothing Much to Talk About” and will address the foundational Jewish writers, artists, and characters throughout the history of comic books. Make sure to stop by the exhibit of Jewish-themed comics and graphic novels from the HUC Library collection.

Nov 13 and 14,  Feld Lecture (Klau, Cincinnati)

Professor Daniel Boyarin, Taubman Professor of Talmudic Culture and Rhetoric, UC Berkeley, received his Ph. D. in 1975 from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Boyarin has written extensively on talmudic and midrashic studies, and his work has focused on cultural studies in rabbinic Judaism, including issues of gender and sexuality as well as research on the Jews as a colonized people. His evening talk is titled “Revisioning Diaspora: The Talmud and the Jews” and the following day’s session for HUC staff and students is “Lunching and Learning: A Page of Talmud.” RSVP at for the evening lecture and at for the Lunch and Learn program.

December 2-6, Annual Klau Library Book Sale (Cincinnati)

Get great deals on hundreds books that were donated or gifted to the library. Collectible items are $5 each while standard books are just $1 each. Please bring your own bag or box. All sales are cash only. Monday is STUDENT only day and Tuesda-Friday is open to the public. 8:00 am - 3:30 pm (8-2:30 on Friday)

January  15, 7pm Poetry Reading (Klau, Cincinnati)

“Bound and Unbound: In Search of the Jewish Poem” is a poetry reading event with Norman Finkelstein, a published poet, literary critic, and professor at Xavier. The reading will present a career-spanning survey of the Jewish dimension of Finkelstein's poetry, including his midrashic engagements with other Jewish authors, his revisionary poems based on ritual and liturgy, and his uncanny visionary sequences, steeped in kabbalistic symbolism. Our Library exhibit on Jewish mysticism will be opening in January, and will give you an up-close look at the materials in the Klau’s collection that inspire mystical meditations and writings.

May 4, 7pm Stamp Collection (Klau, Cincinnati)

Collecting Stamps from Israel: The Klau’s Unique Israeli Stamp Collection with Dr. David Alden. Have you ever been interested in starting your own Israeli stamp collection? Learn about the different components of a robust and interesting collection and learn about what makes the Klau’s Israeli stamp collection unique.