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JDC Fellowship in Global Jewish Leadership


                                      A Joint Initiative of JDC Entwine and HUC-JIR


JDC Entwine and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) have established a first-ever graduate Fellowship in Global Jewish Leadership for rabbinical, cantorial and Jewish education students.  This unique initiative represents a new platform and model in the Jewish world, providing a growing cadre of up and coming Jewish leaders with significant expertise in global Jewish issues.

This two-year fellowship – corresponding to Years One and Two of the HUC-JIR academic program – will provide up to five rabbinical, cantorial, and education students the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of global Jewish issues; contribute their unique skills through tailored field placements in overseas communities; and enrich Jewish life in North America through delivering curriculum focused on global Jewish responsibility in synagogue settings and beyond.  Through the Fellowship’s integrated platform of in-class study, overseas service, and local field work in North American synagogue communities, Fellows will form a core force of young Jewish leaders equipped to bring a global perspective and value of Jewish mutual responsibility to their leadership in congregational settings, Hebrew schools, and beyond.

This fellowship also includes tuition coverage and a stipend.

The deadline for this application is February 20, 2018


JDC Fellowship Essay Prompts

Please answer the following questions in a short essay (no more than 500 words per answer):

1.      Why do you want to participate in this Fellowship?  What would you bring to the experience?  What are you looking to get out of the experience?

2.      The Fellowship is inspired by the concept of "kol yisrael arevim zeh la-zeh (all Jews are responsible for one another)".  What does this concept mean to you?

3.      How will you bring your experience in the Fellowship back to the community in which you plan to serve as a professional?