Email Status

Update: 2/4/2017 10:30AM. The HUC-JIR email server came back on Monday the 31st for in-bound and out-bound email. We continued to work this week to restore queued emails from the weekend outage. We also were working on restoring access to HUC email via Gmail, which is not technically supported because of FERPA rules.

We have done testing last night and Gmail -> HUC.EDU email is working again.


If you have a problem getting your email, please contact your local helpdesk.

You might be wondering why it is taking so long. Part of the reason is that the support staff from Microsoft had us try different techniques Friday and Saturday to recover the mail server (Exchange). Those quick fixes did not work. Also, part of the time to repair the server is that it takes time to load the operating system and patch and update the server. All of this takes time and can't be done faster than the computer can copy files or reboot (multiple times). After we have the server back online I will post a more detailed report. Please note, this was not a virus, or an attack. The email server is six years old and the hardware failed after working very well for 6 years.