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Title Organization/Author Date
CCAR  1977 
CCAR  2000 
CCAR  1996 
CCAR  1993 
UAHC (now URJ)  1995 
UAHC (now URJ)  1989 
UAHC (now URJ)  1993 
UAHC (now URJ)  1993 
UAHC (now URJ)  1987 
UAHC (now URJ)  1977 
UAHC (now URJ)  1999 
UAHC (now URJ)  1997 
NFTY  1983 
NFTY  1991 
NATE  1991 
WRJ-NFTS  1991 
WRJ-NFTS  1991 
UAHC (now URJ)CSA  1991 
CCARExec. Board CCAR  1992 
NFTYExec. Board of NFTY  1992 
NFTY  2003 
URJEx. Board CSARJ  2003 
URJEx. Board CSARJ  2004 
CCAR  2004 
CJLS  1992 
UAHC (now URJ)  1993 
CJLSRabbi Howard Handler  1992 
CJLSRabbi Reuven Kimelman  1992 
USCJUnited Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)  1991 
RRAReconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA)   2004 
CJLSRabbi Kassel Abelson  1993 
CJLSRabbi Arnold M. Goodman  1993 
Liberal Judaism  2005 
Society of Humanistic Judaism  2004 
USCJUnited Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)  2006 
Association of Humanistic Rabbis  2003 
OhalahOhalah, the Jewish Renewal Rabbinic Association  2008 
CCAR  2003 
CJLSRabbi Joel Roth  1992 
WRJThis resolution expands the inclusion and concern for gay men and lesbians to the transgender and bisexual communities -- calling for protection against discrimination, urging legislation for transgender people to be seen as the gender they identify under the law, and encouraging Sisterhoods to host educational programs.  2003