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HUC-JIR/Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ordination Leadership Seminar

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IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR REGISTRATION: TRAVEL EXPENSES WILL BE COVERED BY HUC-JIR. Once we ticket your flight(s) you are the only individual who will be able to use the ticket(s) or the credit. If an emergency occurs and you need to cancel your participation in the program, any allowable credit with the airline will only be available to you, so it is expected that you will reimburse the College-Institute for the cost of the flight(s).

PLEASE NOTE: We will book you in coach/economy unless you request an upgrade and want to pay the difference for business/first.  Once you submit your registration form a copy will be delivered electronically to Jeff Eggert, our travel agent. You can then contact him directly to purchase your airline tickets.


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