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HUC-JIR at Biennial: Jerusalem Crossword Puzzle Answers

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4.  Architecture style of the Jerusalem campus’ first building [Bauhaus]

7.  Last name of the architect who designed many of the buildings on our campus as well as Yad Vashem [Safdie]

8.  The name of the street where HUC-JIR Jerusalem is located – [King David Street]

10.  The last name of the Dean of the HUC-JIR campus and the first female rabbi ordained in Israel [Kelman]

11.  The cantorial school - whose students spend their first year on our Jerusalem campus - is named for this ground breaking song-writer [DebbieFriedman]

12.  The study of ancient and recent human past through material evidence [archaeology]

14.  A place of worship, music and prayer. Traditionally, where the Torah resides and a rabbi or cantor leads a service [synagogue]

15.  A building that houses study materials including books and reference papers. At HUC-JIR it's called the Abramov ______ [library]

16.  Last name of the head of the Israel Religious Action Center, based on the HUC-JIR campus [Hoffman]

17.  This is the transliterated Hebrew Word for the Western Wall – [Kotel]

18.  He is the mayor of Jerusalem, last name [Barkat]


1.  A time of study and rest, and the perfect time to visit campus for services [Shabbat]

2.  The age North Americans normally have their bar/bat mitzvah [thirteen]

3.  Initials of the global organization supporting Reform Judaism, based next door to our campus [WUPJ]

5.  Hotel closest to the HUC-JIR Jerusalem campus [DavidCitadel]

6.  Shopping mall near HUC-JIR Jerusalem [Mamilla]

9.  The number (spelled out) of years it takes to get ordained as an HUC-JIR rabbi [five]

13.  Last name of the President of HUC-JIR [Panken]

14.  Each year hundreds of Israelis come to our campus to study, pray and be together all night long on this holiday [Shavuot]