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The Founders' Fellowship: Commitment Letter

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FF_animatedHUC-JIR Founders' Fellowship is structured to support your vision of a vibrant progressive Jewish campus community. HUC-JIR is serving as the host, providing top tier collaborative and leadership training, financial and technical support, and convening a dynamic group of Jewish college students from across North America.  We anticipate that this experience will be nourishing, inspiring and mind expanding. 

Critically, due to the collaborative nature of the training and implementation practices, committing to show up for other fellows is essential to everyone’s success.  Therefore, to ensure that you and your colleagues thrive in this fellowship, we ask you to acknowledge and commit to the following items:

1. The Founders' Fellowship is cost-free to participants! HUC-JIR is investing roughly $2,500 per fellow to cover training, travel, food, board, and materials. To maximize HUC-JIR’s investment in you, and your time investment in this Fellowship, we are seeking your full commitment, even as we are keenly aware of all the demands on you as college student leaders. I will participate in HUC-JIR’s Founders' Fellowship as an extra-curricular priority from the start of the program through the end of the academic year.

2. The Fellowship will begin on Thursday, November 15th at 3pm EST and end on Sunday, November 18th at 1pm EST at HUC-JIR’s campus.  The itinerary will consist of activity-filled days with short, on-site breaks.  Attendance will be required during all meals, which will be provided by the Fellowship.  Over the course of the weekend, there will be some free time during the evenings. I commit to participating in all required events for the duration of the Fellowship weekend. 

3. HUC-JIR will provide online seminars that will supplement the training you received during the kick-off weekend in November.  Your participation may include submitting evaluations and reports on your projects. I commit to completing all evaluations and reports in a timely manner.

4. HUC-JIR will provide micro grants to help participants implement projects on their respective campuses. I will use all funds related to the Fellowship for their intended purpose.

5. The Fellowship weekend will provide a space in which participants can openly and safely share their ideas with one another. I will maintain the confidentiality of other fellows and their initiatives.

6. The skill building and community creating that will take place during the Fellowship will require clear-headed thinking and focus. I will not consume alcohol or any illicit drugs on HUC-JIR’s campus or during Fellowship hours.

7. To document the success of the weekend, HUC-JIR will use photographs and video on various social media outlets, as well as for future promotional materials. I grant HUC-JIR the right to take photographs/video of me and to use my likeness for publicity, advertising and/or internet content.   


By filling out your name and submitting this form, you indicate that you have read and agree to the terms presented in the Founders' Fellowship Commitment Letter.