HUC-JIR faculty teaching undergraduate courses
in Jewish Studies, thus enabling XU to establish a
minor in Jewish Studies. Many courses to be offered
during the next years – including Jewish theology,
Jewish Biblical interpretation, literary theory and
criticism, Rabbinic literature, Jewish history, Jewish
belief, practice, worship and ritual, ethics, Biblical
archaeology, and Biblical Hebrew – are interdisci-
plinary and some will be team-taught by XU and
HUC-JIR faculty. XU students will have full
access to the extensive holdings of HUC-JIR’s
Klau Library and American Jewish Archives.
The second phase of the program will begin in
the 2009-2010 academic year, when XU faculty
will teach or participate in a number of courses in
HUC-JIR’s School of Graduate Studies. XU faculty
will be invited to assist with the guidance of doctor-
al dissertations and comprehensive exams.
Through this program, HUC-JIR’s and XU’s facul-
ty will develop dynamic and collegial partnerships
as teachers and mentors who will nurture ecumeni-
cal understanding among their students and impart
the wisdom of both faiths. In doing so, the promise
inherent in
Nostra Aetate
will find concrete expres-
sion, and the messianic promise that lies at the
heart of both traditions will find fuller realization.
Additionally, HUC-JIR is in the nascent stages
of creating yet another scholarly collaboration with
the University of Cincinnati (UC). When complet-
ed, this joint venture, linking HUC-JIR’s faculty,
the Klau Library, and the American Jewish Archives
with Xavier and UC, will position the Cincinnati
campus as one of the most prestigious centers of
Jewish and Interfaith Studies worldwide, offering
an unparalleled scope, depth, and breadth of aca-
demic excellence. Furthermore, the enhancement
of the campus’s technological infrastructure of
eLearning-classrooms and online resources will
extend the courses and curriculum created through
these partnerships throughout the College-
Institute’s centers of learning in Los Angeles,
New York, and Jerusalem.
Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Annual Report
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