Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Annual Report
| Page 5
resources. The goal is a cadre of 100 mentors for
all of HUC-JIR’s professional development activi-
ties, ranging from summer residencies, year-long
internships, pastoral counseling, student pulpits,
and post-ordination practice. Developed and test-
ed initially in Los Angeles, the program will grow
to encompass mentors serving all of HUC-JIR’s
stateside campuses.
The Leona Aronoff Rabbinic Mentoring Program
will enable us to transfer knowledge learned in
the classroom to the very real issues that confront
rabbis every day in their congregations, and will
afford them the practical skills to address these issues
with intelligence, sensitivity, and effectiveness,”
said Rabbi David Ellenson. “I believe that the
integration of HUC-JIR’s rabbinical curriculum
with a serious and well-executed mentoring pro-
gram provides a compelling resolution to the key
contemporary concerns of widespread intermar-
riage, the growth of secularism, the loss of honesty
and integrity in our society, and the threat of radi-
cal Islam. Rabbinical leadership must be capable
of outreach to the intermarried and non-affiliated,
well-versed in comparative religion, committed to
social action and economic justice, and schooled
in pastoral counseling and rabbinical practice.”
The Wall Street Journal
recently reported that
the traditional mentoring arrangement just
doesn’t work anymore.” Organizational behavior
experts advocate for the need to go beyond one-
on-one relationships, and point to the added
value of creating and cultivating ever-changing
and growing networks of senior as well as peer
mentors, and of building relationships both within
and outside of a single environment. Such men-
toring relationships offer reciprocal benefits to
all involved, and result in enhanced performance,
learning, innovation, and leadership capacity. The
Leona Aronoff Rabbinic Mentoring Program will
transform and strengthen Reform rabbinical lead-
ership and help ensure the continuity of the Jewish
faith that Leona Aronoff-Sadacca holds so dear.