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Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Annual Report
New Faculty Enrich Teaching
cholar, teacher, mentor.…the faculty at HUC-
JIR fulfill multi-dimensional roles, as they
instruct their students, forge innovative research
in the vanguard of Jewish studies, and serve as role
models for spiritual, professional, and intellectual
development. Three new members of the faculty
have joined the HUC-JIR community this year.
Their diverse areas of expertise are enriching the
fabric of learning, while their commitment to
teaching within our Reform seminary environment
strengthens the College-Institute’s mission.
An expert in Jewish identity in the ancient world,
the origins of Christianity, Jewish-Christian relations
in late antiquity, and postmodern historiography,
Rabbi Joshua Garroway, Ph.D.
is the newly
appointed Assistant Professor of Early Christianity
and Second Commonwealth at HUC-JIR/Los Angeles.
He was ordained at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati in 2003
and received his doctorate in New Testament Studies
at Yale in 2008. His doctoral dissertation, “Neither
Jew nor Gentile, but Both: Paul’s ‘Christians’ as
Gentile-Jews,’’’ explores the ways in which Paul’s
epistle to the Romans constructs Jewish identity,
and the role this played in the ensuing emergence
of Christianity.
In returning to HUC-JIR as a faculty member,
Dr. Garroway brings a solid grounding in the
Reform rabbinate as well as in academic life,” says
Rabbi David Ellenson. “We take pride in his intel-
lectual achievement as one of our alumni, and look
forward to his contributions to our community.”
Dr. Garroway relates to the HUC-JIR community
with a profound appreciation for the vitality of
faculty-student interchange. “The commitment
and enthusiasm of the students at the Los Angeles
campus have made teaching them, learning from
them, and praying alongside them an immensely
rewarding experience,” says Garroway. “Already
I have become acutely aware of the reciprocity
inherent in the teaching process. In my interac-
tions with the students, I am often the one who
is enlightened, challenged, or inspired.”
As the newly appointed Assistant Professor of Jewish
Thought at HUC-JIR/LA,
Dr. Leah Hochman
brings her scholarly interests to the intersections of
thought, philosophy and religion, the relationships
between religion and literature in fiction, memoir,
and autobiography, Judaism in the Americas, and
Jewish life and culture in contemporary Germany.
Her doctoral work at Boston University, where she
earned her Ph.D. in 2000, focused on the aesthetic
theory of Moses Mendelssohn. Her current research
deals with the concepts of the Ugly and Ugliness in
th century European thought. Before coming to
HUC-JIR, Dr. Hochman taught at the University
of Florida and Boston University.
Dr. Hochman’s intellectual rigor and interdiscipli-
nary approach will be a source of enrichment for
our students, and we welcome her to the HUC-JIR
family,” said Rabbi Ellenson.
Dr. Hochman values the special qualities of the
HUC- JIR community. “The close-knit connections
of the HUC-JIR faculty, students, and staff have
made my move to Los Angeles – and to the small,
intense seminary environment – an easy and pleas-
ant transition,” says Dr. Hochman. “Welcoming
new additions to campus brings out the best in
Dr. Meir Seidler
is HUC-JIR’s first Visiting
Professor of Israel Studies, a joint appointment
by HUC-JIR/LA with the University of Southern
California (USC), for the 2008-2009 academic
year, to be followed in 2009-2010 with an additional
joint appointment by HUC-JIR/NY with the
Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS)
in New York. These visiting faculty positions
have been made possible by a grant from the
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
in conjunction with the American-Israeli Cooperative
Enterprises’ Scholar Development Fund. HUC-
JIR’s matching grant for this project has been
generously funded by Lief Rosenblatt and Elliott
and Robin Broidy.
Rabbi Joshua
Garroway, Ph.D.
Dr. Meir Seidler