Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Annual Report
| Page 5
Professor of Bible, HUC-JIR/Los Angeles, and Dr.
Andrea Weiss, Assistant Professor of Bible, HUC-JIR/
New York. WRJ commissioned the work of the
world’s leading Jewish female Bible scholars, rabbis,
historians, philosophers, and archaeologists for the
Commentary – the first of its kind. WRJ gave HUC-
JIR students early access to preview materials from
the Commentary, which debuted at the 2007 WRJ
Assembly, and students have been able to use Torah
studies and program materials provided by WRJ in
their coursework and student pulpits.
Selfon lauds Rabbi David Ellenson’s “immense
support of the
Commentary” and looks for-
ward to its use in HUC-JIR’s curriculum and by
HUC-JIR’s students. With the generous endowment
support of Elizabeth Blaustein Roswell and Arthur
Roswell, all 2nd-year students at HUC-JIR will
receive a copy of this extraordinary volume from the
WRJ for the next three years. This year, the WRJ
will underwrite the expense for students in their 3rd
to 5th years. This wonderful gift will ensure that this
important scholarly work will inform the learning
of all of HUC-JIR’s students in the future.
As a New Year’s gift this past
Rosh Hashanah
donated copies of
Covenant of the Spirit: New Prayers,
Poems, and Meditations fromWomen of Reform Judaism
to every HUC-JIR student as a resource for their
internships, pulpits, and everyday life. The volume
is a collection of original prayers for all types of occa-
sions and for each individual’s daily life – from “
Source of our Covenant” through “Lifecyle Events:
Living the Covenant,” and includes meditations
on illness and hope, the
and Israel, prayers
for peace and gratitude, holidays and
blessings and benedictions for meetings, gatherings,
and rituals.
Our support of HUC-JIR is one of the proudest
things our organization has done,” says Shelley
Lindauer, WRJ Executive Director. “In some way,
WRJ has supported every HUC-JIR student since
By supporting HUC-JIR, we have helped
to ensure the future of Reform Judaism.”