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Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Annual Report
Women of Reform Judaism
WRJ) is the
single largest cumulative donor to the Hebrew
Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion: it has
provided devoted support to the College-Institute
annually since 1913. Through the YES Fund (Youth,
Education, and Special Projects), WRJ has traditionally
provided scholarship aid to North American rabbini-
cal students and students in our Israel Rabbinical
Program, as well as cantorial prizes to students at
HUC-JIR’s School of Sacred Music. In addition, the
WRJ has subsidized HUC-JIR’s
Project in
the Former Soviet Union, whereby scores of students
lead Passover
in Jewish communities large
and small throughout Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.
WRJ is the collective voice and presence of women
in Reform congregational life and works to ensure
the future of Progressive Judaism in North America,
Israel, and around the world. The organization has
recently strengthened its dedication to HUC-JIR stu-
dents by committing to named scholarships to fund
rabbinical, cantorial, and education students at all
three HUC-JIR stateside campuses, and continuing
to fund students in our Israel Rabbinical Program
The 2007-08 recipients of the WRJ Scholarships are
rabbinical students
Karen Kriger
C ’11,
L ‘09,
Judith Bacharach,
N ‘09, cantorial
Leah Holland,
N ’09; education students
Olga Bluman
RHSOE ’08, L ’09, and
NYSOE ’09; and communal service
Anna Schwarz
SJCS ‘ 09. For the duration
of their careers as Jewish leaders, these students will
carry the name of the WRJ as part of their identity.
During the course of their studies, these WRJ Scholars
will benefit from a close relationship with the WRJ,
its scholars, and its programs, and an enriched
understanding of the role of women’s leadership
in the congregational setting. They will be better
prepared to engage the active involvement of women
and Sisterhoods within the professional settings in
which they will work.
Rosanne M. Selfon, President of WRJ, explains,
We’ve always had a strong relationship with HUC-
JIR students, but moving forward, we need to have
a stronger, better commitment to them. WRJ is
building connections to HUC-JIR students and these
students are learning more about our support of the
World Union for Progressive Judaism, the URJ’s
Youth Programming, and the Religious Action Center.”
Selfon says, “Our hope is that with these scholar-
ships, we will be able to increase interest in WRJ
and the important work that we do.”
WRJ also continues to work with the entire HUC-
JIR student body and faculty and provides exceptional
support and resources. The WRJ, in partnership with
the URJ Press, has just published
The Torah: AWomen’s
edited by Dr. Tamara Cohn Eskenazi,
Shelley Lindauer, WRJ
Executive Director
center), meeting with
HUC-JIR students
from left) Zoe Jacobs,
Andrew Goodman,
and Erica Greenbaum.
Women of Reform Judaism
Support Student Learning