Ishai Ron
is a native Israeli whose family immigrated
in the first
around the turn of the 19th century
and helped establish Rosh Pina, one of the first
Jewish settlements in Israel. Ron received his law
degree at the Hebrew University and served as a lawyer
for over a decade in Haifa, during which time he also
worked for the Israel Religious Action Center. Ron
spent a few years in America as the spouse of a
in Fairlawn, New Jersey. Upon his return to Israel, he
entered HUC-JIR and also enrolled at Haifa University
as a graduate student in Philosophy, receiving his degree
with honors in 2006. Ron served as a student rabbi,
and is now the rabbi, at Yedid Nefesh Congregation
in Carmiel, which was heavily challenged during the
second Lebanese war. Ron is a passionate spokesper-
son for the idea that Reform Judaism’s main mission
must be to engage the Israeli secular population. His
work with Yedid Nefesh includes efforts to develop
education and cultural activities to bring together
the diverse populations that live in the Galilee.
Tanya Segal
was born in Moscow and worked as an
actress and singer in the Jewish theatre there. She
completed her studies at the Russian Academy of
Theatre Arts and gave performances of Yiddish
songs. In 1990 she and her son Binyamin made
and she has worked in three areas in Israel –
culture, the translation of books on Jewish themes
from Russian to Hebrew, and teaching theatre. In
Segal worked in Riga as an emissary, teaching
Jewish history at the Dubnov Jewish School. Upon
her return, she entered HUC-JIR, which she says
was an important milestone in a profound process
of addressing the religious dimension of her life.
An important part of the process was the semester
she spent at HUC-JIR/New York in 2004. In addi-
tion to her education at HUC-JIR, she studied in
the Department of Philosophy and the Department
of Theatre at Tel Aviv University and prepared both
a thesis and a play in recent years. Over the past few
months, Segal began working as a student rabbi, and
is now the Associate Rabbi, at the Beit Warsaw
Congregation in Poland. She is helping rebuild the
infrastructure for the renewal of Progressive Judaism
in Poland and is also developing communities in
Lublin, Krakow, and Gdansk.
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