Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Annual Report
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UC-JIR’s e-Learning initiative continues to pro-
duce exciting new technological developments
for students and faculty on all of our campuses. “The
opportunities for incorporating new technology into
the life of the College-Institute are tremendous,” says
Dr. Aaron Panken, Vice President for Strategic
Initiatives. “Our students have certain expectations
regarding technological capabilities based on their
university experiences, and our goal is to meet or
exceed these expectations.”
The ‘e’ in e-learning stands for more
than electronic – it represents our
enhancing, expanding, and extending
learning on all campuses in numerous
ways,” adds Gregg Alpert, National
Director of e-Learning. Several of the
College-Institute’s newest programs to
enhance electronic learning, communi-
cation, collaboration, and recruitment
have been inaugurated in recent months.
Years of work by renowned scholars
are more immediately accessible with the
creation of the Judaic Studies Portal (JSP),
a free online resource available to all
HUC-JIR students, faculty, and staff.
The JSP consists of six programs:
Bible Works
gives the user access to
a massive array of Bible versions and
translations in various languages.
Advanced search options allow users
to compare verses from different
Bibles, locate particular words and passages, and
search lexicons and dictionaries to help them
understand the text.
provides the entire
and related com-
mentaries in Hebrew, along with the Talmudic
encyclopedia. Users can search for words or multiple
words in relation to one another using a range of
advanced grammatical search parameters.
Judaic Classics
contains English versions of the
Bible, Zohar, Talmud, Mishnah, and Midrashim.
Online Library Resources
offers a wide range of
online journals and subscriptions with full text
of all articles.
Encyclopedia Judaica
as well as the new version
of the
Encyclopedia Judaica
the popular Hebrew-English word
processing program.
Rabbi Panken and John Bruggeman, Director of
Information Systems, initiated the project with the
goal of making the College-Institute’s vast array of
library materials accessible to the entire HUC-JIR
community through any computer, anytime, any-
where. A generous gift from Wendy and Kenneth A.
Ruby funded the initial development of the JSP, and
HUC-JIR is now looking for additional supporters
to further the development of the software, with the
aim of including additional resources and online por-
tals and making the JSP available to alumni as well.
With the JSP, a world of Jewish learning is now at
our students’ fingertips, facilitating their research
endeavors, strengthening their knowledge of the
essential texts of the Jewish tradition, and opening
the door to new ways of exploring Judaism.
A gift of $500,000 from Gerry and Burt Belzer is
enabling the development and installation of elec-
tronic classrooms (e-classrooms) on HUC-JIR’s
Jerusalem, Los Angeles, and New York campuses.
A model for the e-classrooms already exists on the
Cincinnati campus, housed in the Jewish Foundation
of Cincinnati’s International Learning Center, located
in the Edwin A. Malloy Education building of the
American Jewish Archives.
The e-classroom is a seminar-style room that can be
used in either a distance learning mode or a local
enhanced mode. The enhanced aspect of the room
E-Learning at HUC-JIR
Wendy and Kenneth A. Ruby
Gerry and Burt Belzer
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