Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Annual Report
| Page 9
In 1993 HUC-JIR’s Rhea Hirsch School of
Education launched (with the financial support
of the Mandel Foundation) the Experiment in
Congregational Education (ECE), widely recognized
as the most powerful and effective program for re-
imagining Jewish learning and living in congrega-
tional life. The Mandel Fellowship will complement
the ECE’s work by preparing rabbinical students
selected as Mandel Fellows to provide leadership for
re-envisioning the synagogue as a compelling com-
munity that engages the minds and hearts of congre-
gants of all ages. Mandel Fellows will be enrolled in
the Master of Arts in Jewish Education program at
the Rhea Hirsch School of Education or the Master
of Arts in Religious Education program at the New
York School of Education. These rabbinical students
will therefore add an additional year of study to the
normative five-year program leading to ordination.
They will also have an opportunity to participate in
two special seminars with faculty at the Mandel
Center at Brandeis University and at the Mandel
Leadership Institute in Jerusalem.
These programs’ goals echo Joan V. Gallos’s defini-
tion of leadership in her book
An Instructor’s Guide
to Effective Teaching:
Effective symbolic leaders are prophets, artists
and poets whose primary task is to interpret
experience and create a meaningful workplace.
They are often transformational leaders – vision-
aries who bring out the best in followers and
move them toward higher and more universal
needs and purposes. Effective symbolic leaders
follow a consistent set of cultural rules and prac-
tices: they (1) lead by example; (2) use symbols
to capture attention; (3) frame experience; (4)
communicate a vision; (5) tell stories; and
respect and use history.
The Mandel and Tisch Fellowships will give our
students the tools to help them become visionary
leaders who will give congregational life a vibrant,
sustainable future.