Annual Report
Page 2
We have renewed our faculty with gifted, emerging scholars,
including our institution’s first-ever faculty position in Jewish
mysticism, held by Dr. Eitan Fishbane, and now have twenty-
four full-time women faculty enriching our teaching and
mentorship programs;
We have created three new Chairs: The Dr. Paul M. and Trudy
Steinberg Distinguished Professorship in Human Relations
and Counseling, endowed by the Irma L. and Abram S. Croll
Charitable Trust, held by Dr. William Cutter; The Barbara and
Stephen Friedman Chair in Liturgy, Worship, and Ritual,
created by Barbara and Stephen Friedman, held by Dr.
Lawrence Hoffman; and The Rabbi Michael Matuson Chair
for Emerging Faculty Scholars, established by Cynthia and Dan
Edelman, held by Dr. Jonathan Cohen. (see page 3)
We have brought forth 56 new rabbis, 12 new cantors, 10 new
educators, and 5 Jewish communal service professionals, and
bestowed 65 Master’s and Doctoral degrees on students in our
graduate and professional programs;
We have appointed the first Vice President-Chief Administrative
Officer to strengthen procedures, coordinate the administration
of our four campuses, and lead an institutional strategic
planning process;
We have appointed the first full-time National Director of
Alumni Affairs to strengthen alumni relations and continuing
education opportunities;
Our three stateside campuses were accredited this year; one
review team noted “HUC is one of the crown jewels of the
Reform Movement;”
Our American Jewish Archives has proceeded in the
construction of the Edwin A. Malloy Education Building, with
an electronic learning center and gallery;
Our Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education has
launched “Mapping our Tears,” a multi-media exhibition
environment to advance tolerance education for students and
educators in the tri-state Cincinnati area;
Our Rhea Hirsch School of Education has implemented
cutting-edge projects that are revisioning Jewish education in
day schools, congregational schools, and other learning
environments, while our New York School of Education has
embarked on continuing education programs encouraging the
training of new cadres of educators;
The Sexual Orientation Issues in Congregations and
Community Initiative and Herman Virtual Resource Center
VRC) have initiated resources and programs to enhance our
students’ abilities to act as agents of change in the Jewish
community, and a new planning grant will guide our
dissemination of the VRC to students, alumni, and others; and
The Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health has sponsored
groundbreaking conferences and training (see page 10).
These achievements, only a sampling of the accomplishments
of the past year, demonstrate the vitality of our institution and
its direct impact on building the Jewish future.
We thank you for your investment in that future, as demonstrated
by your support, which has raised over $23 million during the
fiscal year, of which $17.2 million is cash – a great
achievement in light of continuing economic constraints.
Our students depend on your support, for 80% receive scholarship
and/or financial aid (see page 17). As these dedicated men and
women prepare for lives of service, we thank you for your generous
assistance in ensuring that they will thrive as the next links in a
long chain of tradition.
Indeed, our students – future rabbis, cantors, educators,
communal professionals, and scholars – are responsible for
writing the newest chapters in the ongoing history of our people.
They will lead the congregations, institutions, and agencies in
Jewish life that promote social justice and tolerance. At a time
when the world seems ever more broken, our students and
alumni are dedicating their lives to
tikkun olam
the healing
and mending of our world.
As we approach the holiday of
Tu B’Shevat
which marks the
renewal of spring in Israel and symbolizes our national renewal
in the State of Israel, we celebrate the fruits of nature and plant
the seedlings of new trees that symbolize our optimism for a
vibrant Jewish future. Together, let us ensure that future and pray
that all of our hopes will be fulfilled in a world blessed by peace.
David Ellenson
Burton Lehman
Chair, Board of Governors