Annual Report
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he Talmud records the commentaries of rabbis who interpreted the Bible and Jewish law two thousand
years ago. On each page, scholars and teachers who lived centuries apart and in disparate lands,
illuminated Jewish thought in a conceptual universe that transcended geography and time. Their dialogue
continues in our own time, part of an eternal conversation with each new generation of students.
Just as the Talmudists in antiquity, the advent of new technologies in the 21
century enables HUC-JIR to collapse
time and space. With computer technology, we inhabit a global village and have the ability to communicate, teach,
and enlighten an infinite number of learners at any time, in any place, and in ways we never imagined.
The portal to new computer-based information and learning opportunities at HUC-JIR is our website,
With a brand new design and updated content, our website offers up-to-the-moment
information on our academic and professional programs, research centers, faculty scholarship, community
educational and cultural offerings, and more.
Our website is an indispensable means of recruitment, offering prospective students key information to guide
their journey toward Jewish professional careers. It offers opportunities for continuing education for alumni
and, in the near future, distance education preparatory courses for those planning to apply to our graduate
and professional programs.
The HUC-JIR academic catalog, with program descriptions and course listings, is continually updated. So is
our integrated on-line library catalog, containing hundreds of thousands of records of Hebraica and Judaica
works in our libraries’ collections. You can browse through the extensive holdings of the American Jewish
Archives, documenting centuries of Jewish life in the Western Hemisphere.
You can find daily news postings, the national calendar of events, faculty articles and papers, convocation addresses,
electronically-published editions of HUC-JIR journals and magazines, and directories for faculty and administration.
On-line exhibitions range from digitized images from HUC-JIR’s 5,000 rare manuscript and archival holdings
to the most recent contemporary art expressing Jewish themes.
Linked to our Reform Movement partners, our HUC-JIR website provides access to the UAHC, CCAR and other
arms of Reform Judaism. We invite you to click onto
and discover the world of HUC-JIR!
From Talmud to New Technology