Annual Report
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n 1875, Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise’s faculty began with one person, grew slowly due to lack of funds, and
totaled 10 men at the time of his death – but was the largest Judaic studies faculty in America of its time.
Today, HUC-JIR has an internationally recognized faculty of scholars in every area of Jewish research, many
of whom are the products of HUC-JIR’s own doctoral degree programs. Sixty full-time faculty are augmented
by over sixty part-time faculty, including clinical faculty and mentors.
The faculty are gifted teachers and transmitters of Jewish history and heritage who are producing innovative
scholarship and publications in areas ranging from Bible and liturgy to rabbinics, Jewish education and
history. These internationally recognized scholars, through their teaching, research, and publication, are
indispensable in sustaining HUC-JIR’s academic strength, attracting students, and providing service to the
Reform Movement.
Within the past five years, 10 of the 15 new faculty appointments have been women scholars. Women
faculty, together with women students and alumnae, are transforming contemporary understanding of
Jewish text, worship, teaching, and community building. In the words of Rabbi Sally Priesand, the first
woman rabbi ordained in 1972 by HUC-JIR, “Students at the College-Institute, who are the future leaders
of our Movement, must be given the opportunity to hear the voices of women as well as men. They must
embrace the experiences of all Jews in the spirit of equality, knowing that every human being is a a piece
of priceless mosaic in the design of God’s universe.”
The Rabbi Sally J. Priesand Visiting Profesorship of Jewish Women’s Studies, made possible by the members
of the Women’s Rabbinic Network and by the generous support of HUC-JIR alumnae, alumni, and many
other donors, enables HUC-JIR to invite a leading scholar to teach, offer mentorship, and contribute to the
community for a semester at
each of our centers of
learning. Launched in the
Fall of 1999, Priesand Visiting
Professors have included Dr.
Tikva Frymer-Kensky (New
York, 1999), Dr. Marcia Falk
Cincinnati, 2000), and
composer/writer Elizabeth
Swados (Los Angeles, 2002).
Next year’s Priesand Visiting
Professor will be in residence
at our Jerusalem School.
From a Minyan of Men
to Women’s Studies
Dr. Rachel Adler
Dr. Carole B. Balin Dr. Nili Fox
Dr. Sharon Gillerman Dr. Lisa D. Grant
Dr.Alyssa M. Gray Dr.Adriane Leveen Dr.Dvora E.Weisberg Rabbi Andrea Weiss Dr.Wendy Zierler
Cincinnati faculty, c. 1922:
from left) Harry Slonimsky,
Adolph S. Oko, Jacob Z. Lauterbach,
Moses Buttenweiser, Henry
Englander, President Julian
Morgenstern, Abraham Cronbach,
Louis Wolfenson, Jacob Mann,
Israel Bettan, and David Newmark.