Page 5 - HUC-JIR - Assuring Your Jewish Future

With a campaign goal of $125 million, you can help us:
Sustain our campuses as vital centers for educational
and cultural outreach to those of all faiths and
Nurture our world-class faculty and encourage their
teaching, research, and outreach to the community;
Provide our students with the financial and academic
resources to develop transformative leadership for your
Preserve and disseminate the treasures of our
Klau Libraries, Frances-Henry Library, S. Zalman
and Ayala Abramov Library, and Jacob Rader Marcus
Center of the American Jewish Archives;
Strengthen our role in Israel as we support rabbis and
educators who are advocates for religious pluralism in
the Jewish state;
Prepare graduate students of all faiths for lives of
scholarship and teaching;
Enhance our distance learning programs to engage
students wherever they live and work.
We have targeted $60 million of the Campaign goal for endowment,
which will provide significantly greater resources to meet faculty and
student needs long into the future.
Throughout our people’s history, no Jewish community has survived
without a strong institution of higher Jewish learning at its core.
Please demonstrate your commitment to our mission, so that we
may continue to fulfill our sacred task and ensure a flourishing Jewish
future for the generations to come.
Rabbi David Ellenson ’77, Ph.D.