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Faculty Activities 2018-2019

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Rabbi Rachel R. Adler '12, Ph.D.presented “Feminist Hermeneutics and the Case of the Woman of Avel (2 Samuel 20)” at the Women’s Rabbinic Network Conference.  

Hagit Arieli-Chai published an article on cultural competency that enhances reading comprehension inThe European Journal of Hebrew Studies.

Sarah Bunin Benor co-editedLanguages in Jewish Communities, Past and Present (Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton).

Dr. Abraham Berkovitz and Dr. Jennifer Grayson took part in the American Academy for Jewish Research (AAJR) Workshop for Early Career Faculty in Jewish Studies at the Center for Advanced Jewish Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Dr. Kristine Garroway '09 published Growing Up in Ancient Israel: Children in Material Culture and Biblical Texts. (Archaeology and Biblical Studies 23. Society of Biblical Literature).

Cantor Richard Cohn discusses/sings the final verse of Psalm 27 in “One Minute of Wonder with Cantor Richard Cohn: Wait Hopefully for God” for the CCAR’s publication Opening Your Heart with Psalm 27: A Spiritual Practice for the Jewish New Year by Rabbi Debra J. Robbins.

Rabbi Tamara Cohn Eskenazi '13, Ph.D., participated in the First World Congress of “The Daughters of Rashi,” a gathering of women scholars and Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative rabbis, held in Rashi’s home and synagogue in Troyes, France.

Rabbi Reuven Firestone '82, Ph.D., presented the keynote lecture, “Towards an Alliance of Virtues” at the opening session of “Alliance of Virtues: An Opportunity for Global Peace,” the Fifth Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Rabbi Kim Geringer '99 and Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener '90, D.Min. '94led two workshops at the CCAR conference on “Moral Injury and Soul Repair,” taught on this subject at the Recovery National Conference, and published an article on this subject in Pastoral Psychology.

Rabbi Andrew A. Goodman '08 and Rabbi Joshua Strom '08 were on "Beat Shazam," the Fox game show modeled on "Name That Tune" with real songs hosted by Oscar and Grammy Award-winner Jamie Foxx. While they weren't allowed to mention HUC directly, they represented the modern rabbinate and HUC-JIR well on the show that aired on Memorial Day, May 27.  And they walked away with $320,000!

Dr. Alyssa Gray published Charity in Rabbinic Judaism: Atonement, Rewards, and Righteousness (New York and London: Routledge, 2019).

Jennifer R. Harper, M.Div. presented at the Neuropsychoanalysis Association’s symposium “On the Psyche in Psychoanalysis” at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York.

Dr. David Ilan presented co-authored “Expediting Reincarnation in the Fifth Millenium BCE: Interpreting the Chalcolithic Ossuaries of the Southern Levant” in Oxford Journal of Archaeology (vol. 38/3).

Rabbi Samuel K. Joseph '76, Ph.D., designed and facilitated a multi-month “Learning Journey” for the trustees of the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and professional and lay leaders of Cincinnati-area synagogues regarding Jewish congregational life right now.

Dr. Jason Kalman published “Out of the Caves and Under Glass:  The Politics of Exhibiting  the  Dead  Sea  Scrolls,” in Jaqueline Du Toit, Jason Kalman, Hartley Lachter, and Vanessa Sasson, To Fix Torah in Their Hearts: Essays on Biblical Interpretation and Jewish Studies in Honor of B. Barry Levy (Cincinnati: HUC Press, 2018).

Rabbi Jan Katzew '83, Ph.D., was appointed to the International Education Committee of Taglit-Birthright Israel.

Sandra Kazan worked as the Dialect Coach for the Japanese pop singer, Sena Kana.

Dr. Adriane Leveen interviewed Robert Alter about his new translation of the entire Hebrew Bible at the Center for Jewish History in New York.

Dr. Leslie Litman and Dr. Michael Zeldin '77 presented "Living with Ambiguity; Leading with Clarity" at the PRIZMAH: Center for Jewish Day Schools Conference. 

Merri Arian Lovinger published Leveling the Praying Field: Methods and Melodies to Elevate Congregational Worship (Transcontinental Music Publications).

Rabbi Dalia Marx '02, Ph.D., co-organized “Jokes and Jests in Religious Rituals: Christian and Jewish Liturgies in the Seasons of Easter and Purim” attended by scholars from ten countries, where she presented “When Poetry Burgeons from Liturgies (Jewish and Christian Liturgies/Back to the Sources).”

Dr. Michael A. Meyer '64 served as a guest lecturer on Modern Judaism at Shandong University in Jinan, China.

Dr. Bruce Phillips is working with the Pat Brown Institute of Cal State Los Angeles to conduct a Jewish voter poll of Jews in Los Angeles County, the first survey of Los Angeles Jews in over two decades and the fourth in a series following polls of Asians, Latinos, and African Americans.

Rabbi Haim Rechnitzer '03, Ph.D., presented "Alt-Piyyut in 21st Century Altneuland – The Revival of Ethnic Religious Musical Piyyut and the Blurring of Socio-Religious Divides" in Globalization and Culture in Israel, Tulane University.  

Dr. Andrew Rehfeld published “On Representing” in Journal of Political Philosophy and “Representation and the US Constitution” in Cambridge Companion to the US Constitution, Karen Oren and John Chapman, Eds. (New York: Cambridge University Press).

Joyce Rosenzweig was honored with a Gala Concert by Congregation Beit Simchat Torah to celebrate her being Music Director at CBST for 25 years>

Cantor Benjie Schiller '87 published "Azamrah L'Elohai b'odee - Compositions by Benjie Ellen Schiller" (Transcontinental Music Publications). She and Cantor Gerald Cohen received the prestigious Hallel V’Zimrah Award from the Zamir Choral Foundation. 

Rabbi Joseph Skloot '10, Ph.D., organized a panel at the 2018 Association for Jewish Studies Conference entitled "New Approaches in the Study of Sefer Hasidim" where he presented a paper on "The Partners of Bologna and the First Printed Edition of Sefer Hasidim." 

Alden Solovy published "This Joyous Soul: A New Voice for Ancient Yearnings" (CCAR).

Dr. S. David Sperlingpresented “A History of the Columbia University Seminar on the Hebrew Bible” at Columbia on the fiftieth anniversary of the Seminar.

Dr. Miriam Heller Stern presented on the topic “Jewish Education for a Creative Society” at the Prizmah National Day School Conference in Atlanta, GA. 

Rabbi Margaret Moers Wenig '84 presented "Musical Theology" at Hallel v’Zimra, Jewish Liturgical Music, Present + Future, sponsored by The University of Chicago Divinity School, The Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood, and the Mervis Chair in Jewish Culture at Indiana University. 

Rabbi Dvora Weisberg '11, Ph.D.published “Cold Comfort: A Feminist Reading of Moses in the Beit Midrash of Rabbi Akiba,” in CCAR Journal, Spring 2019.

Rabbi Andrea Weiss '93, Ph.D.published American Values, Religious Voices: 100 Days, 100 Letters (University of Cincinnati Press).

Rabbi Dr. Laura Novak Winer '94, '95, RJE, completed her doctoral studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Davidson School of Graduate Education and was awarded an Ed.D in Education. Her dissertation is titled Teaching Who They Are: American-Born Supplementary School Teachers Connections with Israel.

Dr. Sivan Zakai won the Journal of Jewish Education's Article of the Year Award for her article, “History that Matters: How Students Make Sense of Historical Texts,” Journal of Jewish Education 84(2).

Dr. Wendy Zierler co-edited several issues of Prooftexts and participated in a literary-historical tour of Lithuania and Latvia with Beit Agnon.

Rabbi Gary P. Zola '82, Ph.D. '91, attended the annual congressional tribute event at the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. marking May as Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM) with U.S. Senators and House members, government officials, diplomats, and national Jewish leaders.