Unacceptable Logo Applications

Proper use of the logo in all forms of communications and printed materials is essential to maintaining the identity of HUC-JIR. Using the logo improperly weakens the presence of the logo and hurts our efforts to create a strong visual impression. Consistent and proper usage of the logo will strengthen the community's perception of HUC-JIR and help to increase awareness of the organization and our work.

Below are examples of logo treatment that must be avoided.


The Torah symbol outline should always be printed against white. Never fill in the symbol with a background color.


Do not use the logo on a low contrast background color.


Do not alter the logo color.



Do not use the logo in outline form.


Do not distort or otherwise modify the proportions of the logo.


Do not place the logo on a highly textured background.


Do not enclose the logo in a shape.


Do not attempt to recreate the logo.