The use of consistent typography is vital to our new identity system. These typefaces were chosen for legibility and compatibility with the institutional logo and each other. Please use only the approved typefaces. These typefaces are available on the shared drive.


The ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed Family

ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed is a good choice for long documents when a large amount of text needs to fit into a limited amount of pages. The bold face is excellent for subheads, and the Medium weight offers a way to highlight portions of the test without visually interfering with the subheads or italicized text. When creating subheads in ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed Small Caps, Upper and Lower case or all caps can be used.




Our secondary typeface is Erazure. Erazure is a display face and should be used for main headings, titles, and banners to accent and compliment the text typefaces. It should always be used Upper and Lower case. Never use all caps unless using a single initial cap at the beginning of a block of text.


Adobe Garamond

Adobe Garamond is an alternate text face that can be used in newsletters, brochures, and other documents. Please use ITC Franklin Gothic Demi headings with this typeface.



Hadassah is the preferred Hebrew typeface for HUC-JIR documents. It is a cross between a traditional and a modern Hebrew typeface and was chosen for compatibility with our other typefaces.