The Logo

The most important element of the identity system is the logo. The HUC-JIR logo was designed to express the combination of tradition and modernity as well as the bilingual nature of our academic institution. The attributes are expressed visually with the use of the Torah seal and the English and Hebrew name of the institution. The Blue color is traditional for Jewish organizations while the Green complements the Blue and adds a contemporary spark. There are certain guidelines to follow when using the logo.

The logo should always stand as a separate entity, so that it can be easily seen and understood at a glance. In order to ensure a high degree of consistency in the appearance of the logo, constant vigilance must be exercised to maintain sharp, clear, and undistorted reproduction.

The minimum print reproduction size for the logo is 2.75" in length. The logo should never be enclosed within a shape, used in outline form or with added shadow treatment. It is permissible for the logo to be White in a solid color providing it is in sufficient contrast with the background.

Always reproduce the logo from original artwork. Never redraw, recreate, or alter the logo artwork in any way.


Generic logo:


Generic logo with address:


Generic centered logo:


Logo with 4 cities and web address:


Minimum logo size:

To ensure that the logo remains legible and that it prints well, never reproduce the logo smaller than 2.75".

One color applications:


Black and white applications:

When color is not available the logo should print in black.


When printing on a dark background the logo can be reversed to white.


Abbreviated logo:

For publications where HUC-JIR's logo is to appear with logos of other organizations a special abbreviated version of the logo should be used. The minimum size for this logo is 0.75" (3/4").

  • Abbreviated color logo:

PMS #548/Web #004159
PMS #569/Web #008478 or
CMYK equivalent


  • Abbreviated one color logo:

PMS #548/Web #004159 or
CMYK equivalent


  • Abbreviated black logo:


  • Minimum size for abbreviated logo:

0.75" (3/4")