Our stationery is at the core of our communications. The letterhead shown below are designed to be clean and simple.

Our standard letterhead carries the addresses of all four campuses. Personalized letterhead is available for designated individuals. In addition, program letterhead has the name of the division or program printed in the first line of the personalized block.

All letters should be typed flush left with the margins set to 1" from the left and 1" from the right.

Typing should begin at least two line spaces below the last preprinted item using the same flush left margin.

All letterhead uses two colors: HUC-JIR Blue (PMS #548; Web #004159) and HUC-JIR Green (PMS #569; Web #008478).

Suggested paper for the letterhead is Strathmore Writing Ultimate White 24 lb.

Do not attempt to create or print your own letterhead. Letterhead may be ordered through your campus's Department of Operations.