Color is a powerful means of visual recognition. Consistency in color usage is a critical component of our identity system. When creating or ordering documents, these colors must be exact. The colors below provide a palette to be used in different situations.

Preferred colors:

The primary colors for the color logo are Pantone #548/Web #004159 (Blue) and Pantone #569/Web #008478 (Green). The logo will appear primarily on a White background such as letterhead, invitations, brochures, and press kit folders.


One color:

When creating one color printed materials the logo or background should be Blue PMS #548/Web #004159 or Black.


Secondary colors:

Use secondary colors only in addition to the preferred colors. These colors are intended to be used as accents or to highlight certain material such as graphs, charts, and design elements. The secondary colors can be used as solids as 100% or as tints.