Graphic Identity Manual

The correct and consistent application of design elements is vital to a successful identity program. The HUC-JIR Graphic Identity Manual is a guide to implementing and maintaining the integrity of the HUC-JIR identity program.

The HUC-JIR Graphic Identity Manual is designed to give a cohesive and strong visual presence to the all the components of HUC-JIR's communications. This set of guidelines is intended for use by any person involved with usage of the HUC-JIR logotype in producing stationary and promotional materials.

These guidelines explain how to incorporate and use our logo, colors, and typography in all printed and digital material. Following these guidelines will ensure that HUC-JIR is always visually represented in a consistent and professional manner and will gain maximum awareness in all visual media.

Before printing, posting, or distributing a brochure or ad to promote a program or advertise an event, all material must be approved by the HUC-JIR National Office of Communications and Public Affairs. Please allow a minimum of three working days for the brochure or ad approval.

  • Jean Bloch Rosensaft, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs: (212) 824-2209 or
  • Allison Glazer, National Public Affairs Coordinator: (212) 824-2293 or