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Sonja Keren Pilz, Rabbi, PH.D.

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Adjunct Faculty Member of Liturgy, Worship and Ritual HUC-JIR/New York

HUC-JIR/New York

Rabbinical Program, New York
Academic Field: 
Liturgy; Worship and Ritual

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Sonja K. Pilz became a full-time Adjunct Faculty Member for Liturgy, Worship, and Ritual at HUC-JIR, NY in 2016

She earned a doctorate from the department of Rabbinic Literature at Potsdam University, Germany; she holds Rabbinic Ordination from Abraham Geiger College, Germany. Prior to coming to HUC-JIR, Sonja taught as a Junior Professor of Jewish Ritual and Practice at the School of Jewish Theology at Potsdam University, and in many congregational settings, and served as a rabbinic intern and cantorial soloist in congregations in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and the US.

List of Publications (see:


Selected Publications and Edited Works

Pilz, Sonja K.: “Endings and Beginnings: N’ilah’s ‘Commencement Address.’” In: N’ilah: Closing of the Gates, Lawrence Hoffman (ed.). (forthcoming, 2017)

Pilz, Sonja K.:  “The Earth is the Eternal’s and the Fullness Thereof: Jewish Food Culture and Table Blessings.” In: Liturgy. (forthcoming, 2107)

Pilz, Sonja K. (2016):  “Holocaust Remembrance in German and North American Jewish Memorial Prayers: A Window onto Two Jewish Identities and Theologies.” In: Worship. (forthcoming, 2017)

Pilz, Sonja K. (2016): „Micha in der Synagoge: Zwischen Fluch und Segen.“ In: Bibel heute, pp. 26-27.

Pilz, Sonja K. (2016): “’Adonai, Adonai’: The Message of Awe but the Sound of Compassion,” in: Encountering God, Lawrence Hoffman (ed.), pp. 117-121. 

Pilz, Sonja K. (2014): “‘Notre terre‘ et ‘ta ville‘: Le judaïsme progressiste et sa liturgie dans l’Allemagne d’aujourd’hui.“ In: traces (23), pp. 63–76. 

Pilz, Sonja K. (2016): Food and Fear. Metaphors of Food in the Stories of Destruction. Ergon Verlag: Würzburg. [PhD]