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Nili S. Fox, Dr., Ph.D.

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Professor of Bible


Rabbinical Program, Cincinnati; School of Graduate Studies, Cincinnati
Academic Field: 
Bible and Cognate Studies
Research Interests: 
Biblical Studies ; Ancient Near Eastern History and Culture; Archaeology

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Nili Sacher Fox is Professor of Bible at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati. She holds a Ph.D. in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Fox teaches Bible, Archaeology, Ancient History and Languages, and co-directs the Graduate Summer-in-Israel Program. She is totally devoted to mentoring the students at HUC-JIR/Cincinnati, and at any one time advises 8-12 Ph.D. dissertations.

Dr. Fox has written on various topics relating to the history and culture of ancient Israel and surrounding peoples, including: In the Service of the King: Officialdom in Ancient Israel and Judah; "Concepts of God in Israel and the Question of Monotheism"; “Gender Transformation and Transgression: Contextualizing the Prohibition of Cross-Dressing in Deut 22:5”; and “Sanctification of Dress: Tassels on Garments”. Currently she is preparing a monograph entitled: On the Ancient Catwalk: Dress and Identity in the Biblical World.

Selected Publications and Edited Works

In the Service of the King: Officialdom in Ancient Israel and Judah (Cincinnati: HUC Press, 2000).

"Concepts of God in Israel and the Question of Monotheism," in G. Beckman and T. Lewis eds., Text, Artifact, and Image: Revealing Ancient Israelite Religion (Providence: Brown Judaic Series 346, 2006), 326-345.

“Sh’lach L’cha” and “Balak”; Central Commentaries in T. Eskenazi ed., The Torah: A Women’s Commentary (New York: URJ Press, 2008), 869-885; 937-953.


“Gender Transformation and Transgression: Contextualizing the Prohibition of Cross-Dressing in Deut 22:5,” in N. Fox, D. Gilad-Glatt and M. Williams eds., Mishneh Todah: Studies in Deuteronomy and Its Cultural Environment in Honor of Jeffrey H. Tigay (Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2009), 49-71.

“Marked for Servitude: Mesopotamia and the Bible” in Grant Frame et. al. eds., A Common Cultural Heritage: Studies on Mesopotamia and the Biblical World in Honor of Barry L. Eichler (University Park, Maryland: CDL Press, 2011), 267-278.

“Biblical Sanctification of Dress – Tassels on Garments” in Maxine L. Grossman ed., Built by Wisdom, Established by Understanding: Essays on Biblical and Near Eastern Literature in Honor of Adele Berlin (Bethesda, Maryland: University of Maryland Press, 2013), 91-109.           

Current and Future Courses
Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
Biblical Archaeology of the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods
Summer Archaeology Program in Israel – fieldwork Tel Dan, fieldtrips to sites, lectures on topics relating to Bible and Archaeology
Biblical Poetry
Prophets and Prophecy
Religions of Ancient Israel
Studies in the Book of Numbers
Selections from the Writings
Personal and Communal Prayer in Ancient Israel
Concepts of Social Justice in Israel and the Ancient Near East
Women and Gender Issues in the Torah
Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Law
Ancient Israel from Earliest Times to the Roman Period
Egypt and Israel in Ancient Times
A Period of Internationalism – the Ancient Near East in the Second Millennium
Introduction to Middle Egyptian
Public Lecture Topics
“The Book of Ruth Through an Archaeological Lens”
“Bible and Archaeology: What Does a Tel Tell?”
“Our Excavations at Tel Dan”
“Concepts of Honor and Shame in the Bible”
“Israel In and Out of Egypt: An Archaeological View of What to Tell Your Children”
“On the Ancient Catwalk: Dress and Ideology in the Biblical World”
“What Does Archaeology Reveal About Early Israelite Religion and Daily Life?”