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The Borscht Belt: Jews on Vacation

New at the Klau Library in Cincinnati is our very summer-appropriate exhibit titled "The Borsht Belt: Jews on Vacation." This exhibit highlights a unique slice of American Jewish history, when the upwardly mobile Jews began leaving in droves from their stuffy homes in New York City and its surrounding areas, to spend time in the fresh air of the Catskills region, surrounded Read More >

The Four Sons

Those familiar with Passover will be acquainted with the four archetypical children in the haggadah: the wise son (חכם), the wicked son (רשע), the simple son (תם), and the one who does not know to ask (שאינו יודע לשאול). In addition to recording these children’ s memorable words, Jewish scribes and artists have also used visual depictions to give more character and embellishment to these figures.  Read More >

Feld Memorial Lecture : Eduard Birnbaum

Earlier this month, the Klau Library hosted the annual Feld Memorial Lecture in memory of Natalie Feld. This year's lecture was given by Dr. Edwin Seroussi, Director of the Jewish Music Research Centre at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and winner of the 2018 Israel Prize.  Read More >