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Cincinnati Associates Tribute Dinner 2015: Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of Hebrew Union College

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Cincinnati Associates Tribute Dinner 2015


Dinner Committee posing for picture

One hundred and forty years ago, Hebrew Union College (HUC) was founded by the visionary Rabbi Isaac M. Wise. On October 25, 2015, the Cincinnati community celebrated HUC’s 140th anniversary at the Cincinnati Associates Tribute Dinner by acknowledging those individuals who have shaped HUC-JIR into the vibrant institution it is today. 

Today, HUC-JIR is internationally recognized as a world-class center for Jewish and interfaith learning, renowned for its extraordinary faculty, talented students, and unique research resources.  It is here that generations of students have been imbued with deep Judaic knowledge, spiritual strength, and professional expertise to lead communities throughout the region, North America, and around the world. 

Nowhere else in the world can one find the treasures of its Klau Library, Skirball Museum in Mayerson Hall, and Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives. The campus offers exciting educational and cultural programs and is proud to be part of Cincinnati’s vibrant community. 

As HUC-JIR looks to the future, it continues to be inspired by the wise words of Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus: “We can’t understand our future until we understand our past.” The commitment and contributions of yesterday’s founders inspires the vision of tomorrow’s builders.  The Cincinnati Associates Tribute Dinner will reflect on the solid foundation that has nurtured HUC-JIR over the past 140 years – and express the Cincinnati community’s hopes for HUC-JIR’s bright future as a beacon of leadership and scholarship for the generations to come.