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Bekhol Levavkha Application Form

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Bekhol Levavkha: A Training Program for Jewish Spiritual Directors
June 2017 – May 2019

Applications are due April 15, 2017.  Because space is limited, applications received after that time will be considered only as space allows. 

Before filling out the application, we suggest that you give serious consideration to the qualifications listed below, and engage in a process of self-reflection to determine your eligibility. Those who meet most of these criteria will be given priority for admission.  If you have any questions about applying after reading these, please direct inquiries to Rabbi Myriam Klotz (

The Bekhol Levavkha Training Program seeks individuals who:

  1. Feel drawn to spiritual companionship with others, involving prayer and meditation specifically, as well as discernment of and response to the sacred dimension in a person's life;
  2. Are sought out for spiritual guidance by others;
  3. Currently meet regularly with a spiritual director or will begin meeting with a spiritual director no later than May 15, 2017;
  4. Are engaged in exploring the spiritual dimensions of Jewish texts, beliefs, and practices;
  5. Have a serious interest in cultivating a spiritual practice and deepening awareness of the sacred;
  6. Engage in serious ongoing Jewish study either personally or professionally;
  7. Participate actively in the Jewish community in some capacity; and,
  8. Desire a serious experiential and academic program, and have the time and energy to commit to it fully.