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August 2017 Update from the National Office of Recruitment and Admissions

The National Office of Recruitment and Admissions (NORA) team works in all four HUC-JIR regions to recruit and engage prospective students for the College-Institute through a variety of methodologies and initiatives. During the 2016-2017 academic year, the NORA team collectively engaged thousands of prospective students through visits to college campuses, camps, and conferences; at HUC-JIR youth events and on-campus programs; through teaching events and national partnerships, and more.

These initiatives can be divided into eight major categories:

  • Summer Recruitment: NORA engaged over 6,000 prospects at nearly 60 camps and programs across North America and Israel during the summer of 2017
  • College and University Campus Visits: 50+ campuses engaged by NORA in 2016-17
  • On Campus Programs for College Students: 250 college students hosted on HUC-JIR campuses
  • On Campus Programs for High School Students: 250+
  • Birthright Israel Engagement: 400+ participants in Israel
  • New Internships and Fellowship Programs in New York and Israel: Founders' Fellowship and the Reform/Progressive MASA Israel Internship program.
  • Post-College Individualized Mentorship: 500+ prospective students have worked with NORA professionals on an individual basis in the process of discernment and preparation to apply to HUC- JIR programs;
  • New Institutional Partnerships with Organizations and Funders 

Currently, NORA is concluding a successful year of admissions for the College-Institute while engaging thousands of prospective students at summer camps and programs across North America and Israel. To date, HUC-JIR has offered admission to another record breaking class of rabbinical students, accepted one of the largest classes of cantorial students in the last decade, and enrolled the largest Year-In-Israel class in the past ten years.