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Alumni Leadership Council: Mission

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The Alumni Leadership Council of HUC-JIR fosters a mutually supportive and collaborative relationship between the College-Institute and its alumni by providing a voice for alumni, a link between alumni and the College-Institute, and support to each of the Alumni Associations.

We achieve these three goals by:

Working in a collaborative relationship with HUC-JIR’s President and administration to:

  • Voice alumni ideas for advancing the College’s mission and shaping the College’s future, and
  • Advocate for issues of common concern to alumni.


  • Serve as a conduit for the College-Institute to alumni in their roles as ambassadors for the College-Institute to the Reform community and the broader Jewish community;
  • Assist the College-Institute in recruitment and development;and
  • Partner with the College-Institute to foster ongoing alumni education.


  • Support the alumni associations of each of the schools in their missions to create a meaningful and lasting bond between the College-Institute and its alumni and current students;
  • Enhance communication, joint planning, and collaboration among the College-Institute’s alumni associations;and
  • Foster and model a spirit of mutual understanding, respect, collegiality, and cooperation among alumni in their relationships each other, with the College-Institute and in their daily professional lives.

To achieve these goals, the Council is made up of representatives of each of the College-Institute’s alumni associations including: the Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music, the New York School of Education, the Rhea Hirsch School of Education, the Schools of Graduate Studies, the School of Jewish Nonprofit Management, the Schools of Rabbinic Studies working together with members of the HUC-JIR administration.