Working Groups

Executive Committee 
Chair:  Lisa Langer ‘94
Vice Chair:  Rachel Margolis ‘08
Communications Chair:  Lauren Luskey ‘12
Coucil Reps:  Brad Cohen ‘12, Beth Nichols ‘05
Past Chair:  Ellen Lefkowitz ‘99
Lauren Luskey ‘10
Works to ensure that we are effectively connecting alumni to one another and to the College-Institute, and that we are sharing the successes of our alumni with the College-Institute community.
Day of Learning 
Michol Zimmerman ‘08 and Marci Dickman ’82 
Created the 2012 Day of Learning, at the NYC campus of HUC-JIR, Examining the Place of Israel in our Personal and Professional Lives.
Shaina Wasserman ’06
Works to promote increased alumni support of the Annual Campaign.
Educator and Alumni in Residence 
Debra Sagan Massey ’99 and Rebecca Goodman ’00 
Works with the faculty of the RHSOE to identify and select scholars to serve as leaders of these on-campus, student programs.
Honorary Doctorates 
Lisa Levenberg ’00 and Melanie Cole-Goldberg ’87 
Reviews alumni materials in order to make recommendations regarding the granting of the Honorary Doctorate.
Olga Bluman ’08 Jonathan Kupetz ’97, and Tami Weisman ’10 
Develops the programming for the 2014/5774 Alumni Kallah in California.
Laura Novak Winer ’94 and Julia Berger ‘00
Creates programs and initiatives to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of fellow alumni.
Outreach to Students 
Hannah Rubin-Schlansky ‘12
Creates special programs on-campus to introduce students and welcome students to the Alumni Association.
Professional Learning Group Assessment Team
Renee Rubin Ross ‘99 and Rena Rifkin ‘08  
Establishes and supports the small groups that provide professional learning conversations for over 70 alumni each year.
Rabbi Educator Think Tank
Beth Nichols ‘05
Considers and plans for the unique needs of rabbinic-education alumni.
Sara Lauing ‘12
Works with the recruitment professionals of the College-Institute to develop programs that support and enhance recruitment of new students to all the programs of HUC-JIR.