The mission of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education Alumni Association is to create a community among the graduates of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education that addresses the on-going needs of our alumni, the Rhea Hirsch School of Education and the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion.

The Alumni Association focuses its efforts on kehillah, - building community, limud - providing opportunities for study and professional learning, t’micha - providing financial support to the College-Institute, l’dor va’dor - engaging the next generation and kavod - honoring our alumni.

Kehillah (Community)
The alumni association provides:

  • Networking opportunities and creates an infrastructure of collegiality connecting alumni to one another, keeping them apprised of what is going on in the lives of our alumni, and at the College- Institute.

Limud (Study)
The alumni association provides:

  • Continuing education and professional that focus on the unique needs of RHSOE alumni and build on the foundation of education that they received at the RHSOE.

T’micha – (Financial Support) 
The alumni association generates:

  • Funds for the needs of the RHSOE in particular and for the needs of HUC-JIR.
  • Support amongst alumni in development efforts for HUC-JIR.

L'dor va'dor (Engaging the Next Generation)
The alumni association strives to:

  • Identify and inspire individuals to enter the field of Jewish education and to seek graduate degrees at the RHSOE.
  • Identify and inspire individuals to enter for all HUC-JIR programs.
  • Build active connections with current students to engage them with the community of alumni.

Kavod (Honor)
The alumni association promotes:

  • The achievements, reputation, and stature of the RHSOE and its alumni among alumni, within the HUC-JIR community, the Reform movement, and the larger Jewish community.
  • The RHSOE and the field of Jewish education.

To achieve these goals, the RHSOE Alumni Association communication regularly with the HUC-JIR community and collaborates with RHSOE and its faculty, HUC-JIR administration, and the Alumni Leadership Council.