Rabbinical Alumni Association

The Rabbinical Alumni Association's mission is to create a nurturing community among rabbinic alumni, to strengthen the connection between the alumni and the College-Institute, and to create and sustain initiatives that serve the on-going needs of both the alumni and the College-Institute.

In order to fulfill this mission, the RAA creates community by providing opportunities to keep alumni informed about what is happening at the College-Institute and in the lives of fellow alumni.  We are involved in efforts for HUC-JIR to be involved in continuing education and professional development opportunities for its members.  The RAA serves the College-Institute in various ways, such as engaging in development efforts and encouraging and assisting alumni in identifying and recruiting candidates interested in entering the rabbinate and other College-Institute programs.

On this site you are able to see the latest news and offerings, as well as access our up-to-date Alumni Directory.

We hope that you will visit us often, offer your feedback, and keep connected, helping us to grow stronger as an organization and in our support of our alma mater.

Kol tuv,

Rabbi Jim Prosnit, President of the Rabbinical Alumni Association