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Chairperson: Cantor Elizabeth Sacks
Vice Chair: TBA                                                                                                          
Immediate Past Chairperson: Cantor Wendy Shermet
At large member: Jonathan Comisar

Works in cooperation with the C-I to encourage a community comprising the Alumni, students and C-I, overseeing all the Working Groups.   

Community Building Working Group (CBWG):
Cantor Sandy Sherry-Pilatsky and Cantor Donna Goldstein (co-chairs), Cantor Lee Coopersmith, Cantor Carla Reynolds, Cantor Susan Berkson
Corresponding Secretary: Cantor Sandy Sherry-Pilatsky
Facebook Administrators: Cantor Donna Azu and Cantor Star Trompeter  

Meets our alumni on Facebook; reaches out to alumni on memorable milestone occasions, helping to foster a sense of community comprised of the Alumni Association, the alumni and the C-I.

Annual Fund:  Chair TBA
L’dor VaDor: Cantor Alane Katzew

Works in collaboration with the Institutional Advancement staff to raise funds for the College-Institute.

Kavod Working Group (HonDocWG):
Cantor Wendy Shermet (Chair), Cantor Bette Cohen, Cantor Dana Anesi, Cantor David Margulies

Works with HUC-JIR staff to recommend alumni approaching their 25th year in the cantorate to the College-Institute’s Committee on Honors. 

Outreach to Students Working Group (OSWG):
Cantor Julia Cadrain (Chair), Cantor Fredda Mendelson, Cantor Maria Dubinsky, Cantor Cheryl Wunsch 

Serves the DFSSM and its students. This group reaches out to students in many different ways: events, letters, gifts, and other worthy projects that benefit the students and connect them to the Alumni Association from their very first year in Israel to their 5th year before Ordination.                     

Programming Working Group (PWG)
ACC Convention Brunch: Liz Sacks, Margot Goldberg 

Creates projects to benefit the alumni. The PWG plans the alumni breakfast/brunch at the ACC Convention, arranges opportunities for continuing alumni education such as the High Holy Day Workshop and Vocal Master Classes in the summer alongside current students of HUC-JIR, as well as in tandem with recruitment days of study in major centers. 

Recruitment Working Group (RWG):
Cantor Josh Breitzer and Cantor Vicky Glikin (co-chairs), Cantor Nancy Bach, New Graduate TBD

Works very closely with the College-Institute. Admissions and Recruitment staff and the DFSSM Director attend our meetings. We brainstorm ideas and support the DFSSM and the College-Institute in recruitment efforts. We have recommended alumni as recruitment ambassadors. We make presentations at URJ camps, Hava Nashira and other Jewish musical and Reform venues. Finally, we guide prospective DFSSM students through the application process.

Alumni Leadership Council:
Cantor Elizabeth Sacks, Cantor Lori Corrsin

We meet bi-monthly via conference call with one on site meeting in November each year at HUC-JIR, NYC. We discuss matters that are of interest across the board to all alumni associations of the C-I, furthering our mission to connecting and supporting all aspects of the school, alumni, faculty and students