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Anti-Semitism: Roots and Reality

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Date posted: 11/17/14

European racism and anti-Semitism are on the rise, and though American Jews enjoy the most successful time in our history, we face stereotypes and anti-Israel movements with increasing uncertainty. Dr. Joshua Holo will plumb the fears expressed by the Jewish community with David Lehrer, who approaches the problem from a different angle, and challenges us to face up to good news.

David A. Lehrer co-founded Community Advocates after 17 years as Director of the Pacific Southwest Region of the Anti-Defamation League. During his tenure with the ADL, Mr. Lehrer helped draft legislation that dealt with issues as diverse as the Arab boycott of Israel, paramilitary training in California and hate crimes. He is a leading expert on intergroup relations and extremist group activities, and he has served on governmental commissions on hate crimes and terrorism. Mr. Lehrer has appeared on national news programs, including ABC’s Nightline, and NPR. His essays have appeared in numerous newspapers across the country.