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If you would like to pursue an advanced academic and professional degree while continuing to live and work where you are, our Distance Learning programs offer flexible, part-time programs that fit into your busy, professional life, and offer you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, skills, and professional development.  

Academic Programs

The Executive M.A. Program in Jewish Education

The Joy of Experimentation. A Love of Big Questions.

If you are an educator with a minimum of five years of experience in a leadership position in the field of Jewish education, the Executive M.A. Program in Jewish Education is for you. On-site intensive seminars and distance courses will enable you to earn your MA while continuing to live and work in your home community. 

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Certificate in Jewish Education for Adolescents and Emerging Adults

Curiousity. Innovation. Empowerment.

Expand your knowledge, strengthen your skills, and gain a professional edge as an educator working with adolescents or young adults. This non-residential part-time program includes online and on site courses in the areas of adolescent development, experiential learning, program planning, organizational dynamics, uses of social media, the arts, and service learning. 

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Cantorial Certification

Are you currently serving a Reform congregation as a Cantorial Soloist and passionate about becoming a Cantor, but full-time immersion in seminary life is not possible? This part-time combination of face-to-face classes and distance learning gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills while continuing to live and work in your community. 

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Professional Development Opportunities

Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Institute

Are you a new director of a Jewish early childhood education program? Do you aspire to be a leader of such a program? Contribute more deeply to the Jewish culture of your program, learn and apply proven leadership skills, and connect your early childhood program to your institution. 

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