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Joint Degree Opportunities

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Rabbinical/Cantorial Ordination and the MARE Program: Current rabbinic students in their third year of the rabbinical program can apply to the one-year education program. They then take a year off from the rabbinical program to study education and receive a MARE degree at the end of that year. After three years in the rabbinical program, these students have completed the core Judaica studies courses (also required for education students) and spend the year focusing on the education core. They are placed in a “leadership” internship, where they experience the work of an educational leader such as: supervision of teachers, curriculum writing, running faculty meetings, attending board meetings, meeting with parents and lay leaders, working on budgets, etc. Joint rabbinical program students must also complete a curriculum capstone project. They have education faculty as academic mentors and meet regularly throughout the year to discuss application of their learning to the field. Cantorial students can also apply to the one-year education program, after their fourth year of the cantorial program. Completing the same requirements listed above for the joint rabbinical program which enables cantorial students to receive the MARE degree.

School of Jewish Nonprofit Management and the MARE Program: For students who wish to combine the study of Jewish education with an emphasis on Jewish communal service, the Joint Master's program allows students to earn two separate degrees. In addition to the three years of the M.A.R.E. program, joint Master's students spend the summer after the Year-in-Israel program and the summer between the New York academic years studying at HUC-JIR's School of Jewish Nonprofit Management. The clinical placement during the second year of study involves work in a communal agency, and during the third year involves work in an educational setting. Students must complete a capstone project for each program.