Testing and Credentials

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If you successfully complete all of the classes, pass all of the state-mandated tests and assignments, and fulfill all the program requirements to the satisfaction of the faculty and administration, HUC-JIR will recommend you to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a preliminary multiple-subject teaching credential. The credential document will be finalized approximately six months after the completion of the HUC-JIR program. During that time, however, the State considers you to be credentialed.

Like all new teachers in California, graduates of the DeLeT program must "clear" their credential within five years of receiving it by participating in a two-year program of mentoring and advanced study of their practice. DeLeT alumni are eligible to participate in the DeLeT Induction Program which fulfills this obligation.

What tests does the State of California require?

Candidates for teaching credentials must pass three multiple-subject California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) tests and the writing exam. The CSET fulfills both the subject matter competence and the basic skills requirements of the State. Click here for further information on the CSET.

A test on the US Constitution is required, unless you have proof of having passed a college-level course on the US Constitution. The US Constitution test is a 75 question multiple-choice exam. A study guide titled Twenty-Five Lessons in Citizenship by D.L. Hennessey is recommended. The test can be taken online.

Candidates are also required to take the RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment) examination. Click here for further information.

When should I take the CSET, RICA, and US Constitution tests?

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) requires all credential candidates to sign up to take the CSET prior to the start of their credential program.

It is recommended that DeLeT fellows take the three CSET multiple subject tests and the writing test in two to three sittings prior to the start of DeLeT or during the first summer of the program. CSET study guides can be found online or at local bookstores.

Does the State of California have any additional requirements?

Yes. Four Teacher Performance Assessments (TPAs) are required by the State. These are assigned, explained, and discussed in academic courses during the year.

What is "clearance" and how do I get it?

Clearance is state-mandated finger printing and the first step in applying for the preliminary multiple-subject teaching credential. All candidates for the credential must have a certificate of clearance before beginning to work in a classroom. Click here for further information.