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Mission & Purpose

HUC-JIR is a religious and scholarly learning community dedicated to:

  • Developing Jewish professional and lay leaders to transmit and apply to contemporary life the sustaining values, responsibilities and texts of our tradition;
  • Applying the open and pluralistic spirit of the Reform movement to the study of the great issues of Jewish life and thought.
  • Advancing the critical study of Jewish culture and related disciplines in accordance with the highest standards of modern academic scholarship.

HUC-JIR serves as:

The educational and intellectual center of Reform Judaism:

  • Training and sustaining rabbis, cantors, communal and educational professionals throughout their careers for service to Reform Judaism and klal Yisrael;
  • Providing higher learning for scholars of religion of all faiths;
  • Supporting the educational and spiritual growth of lay leadership for the Reform movement;
  • Creating and disseminating scholarly research and publication;
  • Preserving and providing access to library, archival and museum resources;
  • Working with Jewish institutions worldwide to enhance Jewish life, learning and values and to shape the Jewish experience of the future.

A Jewish religious community built on God, Torah, avodah, mitzvot, and Tikkun Ha-olam:

  • Integrating Jewish tradition, academic knowledge and professional competence in the development of our students;
  • Creating a religious community that gives meaning to the educational experience and provides a model for students to take with them into their lives and work;
  • Instilling in its members exceptional leadership skills and spiritual growth enabling them to become catalysts of transformation in the creation of vibrant Jewish communities.

An innovative resource and learning center working with Reform congregations and leaders, the Jewish organizational world and the religious and academic community at large;

  • Providing a forum for creative Jewish thought;
  • Acknowledging and supporting a diverse community of scholars, students and staff committed to academic freedom and rigor;
  • Contributing to the real-life decisions and growth of the Reform Jewish community worldwide;
  • Sustaining a vital relationship with the People and the Land by cultivating the growth of Reform Judaism in Israel.