Current Exhibitions

Hanan Harchol: Jewish Food for Thought
October 3, 2013 – June 27, 2014

Multi-media visual artist Hanan Harchol mines personal family dynamics to illuminate the relevance of Jewish wisdom in contemporary life.  Conversations between the artist and his parents, depicted in animated videos and powerful, expressionist drawings, animated stills, and tapestries, offer unexpected perspectives on the themes of Envy, Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Fear, Humility, and Faith.  Humorous and initially touching family interactions gradually reveal a deeper study of the human condition.  Learn more >

The Seventh Day: Revisiting Shabbat
October 3, 2-13 - June 27, 2014

Fifty international artists explore one of the pillars of Jewish practice and belief: the sanctity of the Sabbath through provocative works of art.  In an era when technology and culture have eroded the boundaries separating work, play, and repose, their works invite us to delve into the possibilities and new definitions of renewal symbolized by the 'day of rest.' Learn more >