Shavuot Resources

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In the catalog

For works on the holiday, search under Shavuot or Shavuot--Customs and Practices
You can also search for the three Pilgrim festivals or Sefirah period.


On the shelf

Most books on the holiday of Shavuot will be shelved under: BM 695 S5 ;
Books on the three pilgrimage festivals are located under: BM 693 P5 ;
Books on the Sefirah period are under: BM 695 S4 ;
Prayerbooks for the pilgrimage festivals are located under: BM 675 P5.9


Traditional the Book of Ruth is read on Shavuot. Find commentaries on the Book of Ruth in the catalog.
Most of them will be on the shelf under: BS 1311-1313.6

orangesStudy and teaching

Search the catalog under Shavuot--Study and teaching or check with the Tartak Center (or email for lessons plans and project ideas.



Shavuot at Reform Judaism (formerly UAHC)
Information on Shavuot; includes link to their Family page and to Tikkun leil Shavuot programs

Shavuot at
Information on Shavuot with guided learning pages

Chabad - Holidays
Information on Shavuot as well as kids' pages and recipes

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