High Holiday Resources


Prayer books


Prayer books can be found in the stacks under: BM 675 H5 (High Holidays)  ; BM 675 R6.7 (Rosh ha-Shanah) ; BM 675 Y5.8 (Yom Kippur) 

Mishkan haNefesh : Machzor the Days of Awe / CCAR 2015 BM 675 H5 Z6.67 2015

Commentaries/Guides to the liturgy

Justice and Mercy : Commentary on the Liturgy of the New Year and the Day of Atonement / Max Arzt. BM 695 N5A8

Prayer and Penitence : Commentary on the High Holy Day Machzor / Jeffrey M. Cohen. BM 675 H5Z7.2 1994

Entering the High Holy Days : a Guide to the Origins, Themes, and Prayers  / by Reuven Hammer. BM 675 H5 Z7.28 1998

Works on the holidays

Yom Kippur Anthology / Philip Goodman. BM 695 A8 G6.6 

Rosh Hashanah Anthology / Philip Goodman. BM 695 N5G6 

Building Jewish life--Rosh ha-Shanah/Yom Kippur / Joel Lurie   Grishaver. BM 693 H5 G75 1987 <br>

Beginning Anew : a Woman's Companion to the High Holy Days /  edited by Gail Twersky Reimer and Judith A. Kates. BM 693 H5B4.4 1997 

A faithful heart : preparing for the High Holy Day : study text based  on the midrash Maaseh Avraham avinu / Benjamin Levy. BM 517M1.93  2001 

Questions and Answers on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur / Jeffrey  M. Cohen. BM 693 H5C5.6 1997 

Rosh hashanah Yom Kippur Survival Kit / Shimon Apisdor. BM 693 H5A8 1992

 If you want to browse the shelves, most books will be found under: 

          BM 695 N5 (Rosh ha-Shanah) ; BM 695 A8 (Yom Kippur) ; BM 693 H5 (High  Holidays)


     High Holiday   BM 746

     Rosh ha-Shanah BM 747 R6    

Other sources

Sefer ha-Agadah (Book of Legends) Ref BM 516 B5.4E5 1992

Moments of Transcendence : Inspirational Reading for Yom Kippur  / edited by Dov Peretz Elkins BM 695 A8M6.6 1992

Moments of Transcendence : Inspirational Reading for Rosh Hashanah / edited by Dov Peretz Elkins BM 695 N5M6.7 1992



Shire teshuvah = Songs of repentance. (Musical settings to prayers  in the Gates of Repentance) M 2187.1 S5.5 2000

Recorded music:

Shirei T’shuva = Songs of repentance / UAHC. 

Yamim Noraim = Days of Awe / UAHC.

Birthday of the world / Western Wind, Leonard Nimoy, narrator. 

Selihot la-Yamim ha-nora'im be-nusah Yerushalmi / mi-pi ha-.hazanim  ‘Ezra Yar.hi v-Mordekhai Kohen.


Union of Reform Judaism
This rich site has the history and description of the holidays, preperations, customs, prayers, family activities, recipes, social justice, and e-mailable holiday cards.

Days of Awe at Judaism 101 / by Tracey Rich
This site give a good basic overview of the Days of Awe with links to overviews of Yom Kippur and Rosh HaShanah.

My Jewish Learning
This site is filled with information about the how to celebrate at home and what to expect at the synagogue
Yom Kippur
Rosh HaShanah 

National Library of Israel
Their playlist includes selections of the High Holidays services from all over the world.

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