American Jewish History

small red white blue Jewish starThe HUC-JIR Library system contains an abundance of materials on the American Jewish Experience.

In the catalog

Library of Congress uses the formats:

Jews--<place>--History--<time period> 
Jews--<place>--History--<type of work>

Where place can be a country (United States), a state (Ohio ; New York), a city or region, with its state (California--Los Angeles ; New Jersey--Middlesex county)
And where time period is a century (18th century, 21st century, etc.) Other time period designations that could have been attached to places have snuck their way into the headings for Jews as well.
And type of work includes headings such as: bibliography, chronology, exhibitions, periodicals, etc.

On the shelf

Books that we are buying now, will go to the E 184.3 - 184.37 sections. General histories are in E 184.35 followed by histories by specific time periods. In E 184.36 you'll find special topics in Jewish American history, first by topic and then by author's name. Biographies are in E184.37.
Older books on the history of Jews in the United States (in general) are in the E 184 J5 section. The books are shelved by the author's last name.

Books on Jews in a particular state or region are in the F section (except for Hawaii)
Alabama 321-335 Iowa 616-630 New Hampshire 31-45 Texas 381-395
Alaska 901-915 Kansas 676-690 New Jersey 131-145 Utah 821-835
Arizona 806-820 Kentucky 446-460 New Mexico 791-805 Vermont 45-60
Arkansas 406-420 Louisiana 366-380 New York 116-130 Virginia 221-235
California 856-870 Maine 16-30 North Carolina 251-265 Washington (state)886-900
Colorado 771-785 Maryland 176-190 North Dakota 631-645 Washington, D.C. 191-205
Connecticut 91-105 Massachusetts 61-75 Ohio 486-500 West Virginia 236-250
Delaware 161-175 Michigan 561-575 Oklahoma 691-705 Wisconsin 576-590
Florida 306-320 Minnesota 601-615 Oregon 871-885 Wyoming 756-770
Georgia 281-295 Mississippi 336-350 Pennsylvania 146-160  
Hawaii DU 620-629 Missouri 461-475 Rhode Island 76-90  
Idaho 741-755 Montana 726-740 South Carolina 266-280  
Illinois 536-550 Nebraska 661-675 South Dakota 646-660  
Indiana 521-535 Nevada 836-850 Tennessee 431-445  

Selected Websites

While the Library thinks that these sites are useful, their content is not under our control and may express views that are not shared by the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

North American Jewish Data Bank 
"The North American Jewish Data Bank is the central repository of social scientific studies of North American Jewry." Their holdings include the National Jewish Population Surveys as well as many local and regional reports.

350 Years of American Jewish History sponsored by the Commission for Commemorating 350 Years of American Jewish History 
Includes a timeline, articles, links, and "this month in American Jewish history"

Celebrate 350 : Jewish life in American, 1654-2004. 
A clearing house for the 350th anniversary of Jewish settlement in North America, this site has a timeline, articles on American Jewish History, educational resources, links to exhibits, organizations, and celebrations.

Jewish Women's Archive's Celebration of 350 Years of Jewish Women Building Communities in North America 
"JWA's focus leading up to and during the 2004-2005 celebratory period will be to provide communities and schools across the country with the resources they need to present a rich and accurate portrayal of American Jewish life. These efforts illuminate the ways in which women have built community in North America and how their work has embodied and shaped American Jewish life."

Library of Congress Exhibit: From Haven to Home : 350 years of Jewish Life in America 
The exhibition features more than two hundred treasures of American Judaica from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions.

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