Experiment in Congregational Education

Created in 1992, the Experiment in Congregational Education (ECE) is the nation's first synagogue transformation project — and among the most successful. Since that time, the ECE has worked directly and through local partnerships with over 100 congregations throughout the U.S. ranging in size from 150 to 3,000 member units.  Learn more >

The ECE’s concepts and methodologies have been put to use in many national and local synagogue and educational transformation projects. We have developed a rich library of resources for congregations and inspired three books, several research reports, and other similar projects at the local and national levels. Visit the ECE’s Library to search for materials to support your own congregation in transformational change.

The ECE is a multi-denominational project, based at the Rhea Hirsch School of Education at HUC-JIR's Jack H. Skirball Campus in Los Angeles. It respects the movement affiliations and ideologies of its participant congregations, which have come from all the Jewish Movements.

Vision and Mission

The ECE was founded on the belief that learning is the most effective pathway towards transforming congregations from membership service organizations into "communities of meaning," in which members are involved and engaged with Jewish living and learning and with one another. Learn more >

ECE’s Partnerships and Relationships

ECE partners with foundations, agencies, and congregations across the United States to support congregations in transformational change. Learn more >

Contact ECE: (847) 328-0032