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The Kalsman Partners comprise a network of professional and lay leaders impacting our communities through work in Judaism, health and healing. Presented on this page are samples of writings from the Partners, ranging from descriptions of programs and support groups to published material on using Jewish texts and resources for healing.

Author Title Topic 1 Topic 2
Abraham, Marla Eglash, MAJCS, MSW The Changing/Changed Jewish Community and Implications for the Jewish Health and Healing Movement Jewish Community Health & Healing
Address, Richard F., Rabbi, DMin Creating a Nurturing Congregational Community Synagogue Community  
Andiman, Ronald M., MD Neurology in the 21st Century 
Health Neurology
Barlev, Pearl, Rabbi, Editor
Medwin, Daniel, Graphic Design, Layout
Prayers and Readings for Healing and Comfort 
Prayer Healing
Berk, Eric M., Rabbi Months, Weeks, Days to Live End of Life Spirituality
Boxt, Rosalie, Cantor Seder K'riat Hatorah L'Shabbat: Reading the Torah on Shabbat (3) Blessings for Those Called to the Torah Prayer Judaism
Cushman, Philip, PhD A Burning World Midrash Psychology
Eber, Leslie M., MD A Cardiologist's View of Cardiology, Past and Future 
Illness Health
Epstein, Nancy E., Rabbi, MPH, MAHL Judaism and Health 
Judaism Health
Feldman, Elizabeth, MD Through a Child's Eyes: Reflections on Birth and Death Death Spirituality
Feldstein, Bruce, Chaplain, MD Bridging with the Sacred: Reflections of an MD Chaplain Chaplaincy Spirituality
Feldstein, Bruce, Chaplain, MD Toward Meaning Chaplaincy Spirituality
Fenner, Natan, Rabbi, BCC Torah, Torah Study, and Torah Reflections: An Introduction 
Prayer Judaism
Frank, Karen Kosarin, RN Bringing Caring to the Synagogue with Jewish Congregational Nursing 
Synagogue Community Nursing
Friedman, Dayle, Rabbi Seeking the Tzelem: Making Sense of Dementia Mental Illness Illness
Goldmann, Deborah Isaac's Blessing: Sermon on Chayei Sarah Prayer Sermon
Goldstein, H. Rafael, Rabbi, BCC Access to God: 54 Ways You Can Get Closer (Without the Internet) 
Prayer Judaism
Hausman, Carol P., PhD Out of the Depth: Jewish Spiritual Support for Parents of Estranged Children 
Prayer Spirituality
Hochberg-Miller, Lisa, Rabbi Teshuva-Healing Prayer Sermon
Huttler, Yossi My Yom Kippur Yom Kippur Health & Healing
Kipnes, Paul J., Rabbi Mental Illness Sermon Mental Illness Sermon
Kipnes, Paul J., Rabbi Service for Honoring Caregivers Synagogue Community Caregiving
Levin, Dan Report Of The Livingston Committee For Healthy Community Culture Jewish Community Health
Levin, Jeff, PhD, MPH Jewish Biblical and Rabbinic Themes that Should Inform the National Healthcare Discussion Healthcare Judaism
Marder, Sheldon, Rabbi Text as Shelter from the Storm (excerpted from Jewish Pastoral Care, 2nd Ed. and also found in The Outstretched Arm on Shavuot) 
Pastoral Care Prayer
Mills, Ilana Fourth Year Sermon - Parshah Tazria, May 31, 2011 
Sermon Death
Offel, Janet, Rabbi Dedicating a Marker (Unveiling) Death Prayer
Offel, Janet, Rabbi The Mitzvah of Bikkur Cholim: A Model for Building Community In Contemporary Synagogues Synagogue Community Pastoral Care
Offel, Janet, Rabbi When a Beloved Pet Dies Death Loss
Pelc Adler, Julie, Rabbi Rethinking... When Misheberach Isn't Enough Synagogue Community Prayer
Pelc Adler, Julie, Rabbi Jewish Prayer for Persisting Prayer Healing
Pelc Adler, Julie, Rabbi Healing as Metaphor Healing Spirituality
Pelc Adler, Julie, Rabbi Living Waters (Ordination Mikva) Mikva Spirituality
Pelc Adler, Julie, Rabbi Searching for the Eternal Light Switch Healing Spirituality
Pelc Adler, Julie, Rabbi Leaving Los Angeles Special Needs Health
Pelc Adler, Julie, Rabbi Support Group Special Needs Health
Prince, Michele, LCSW, MAJCS Judaism, Health, and Healing: How a New Jewish Communal Field Took Root and Where it Might Grow 
Judaism Health & Healing
Prince, Michele, LCSW, MAJCS Preface to Midrash & Medicine: Healing Body and Soul in the Jewish Interpretive Tradition Midrash Judaism
Prince, Michele, LCSW, MAJCS
Levin, Jeff, PhD
Judaism and Health: Reflections on an Emerging Scholarly Field 
Judaism Health
Prince, Michele, LCSW, MAJCS
Bodenstein, Adi, MSW
A Program Assessment: Exploration of the Field of Judaism, Health, and Healing Through Program Review and Key Stakeholder Interviews Programming Health & Healing
Silverman, Gila S., MPH A Public Health Prospective on Religion - Health Connection 
Public Health Judaism
Silverman, Gila S., MPH Tucson and the Healing Power of Community & Spiritual Practice Community Healing
Silverman, Sharona, MPH Advanced Jewish Healing Program (2nd year report of a 3-year project) 
Judaism Healing
Simonds, Joel The Yanov Torah and our Fragile Earth Sermon  
Sirbu, Rebecca W., Rabbi Theologies of Suffering: How Judaism Can Help You Cope 
Suffering Spirituality
Sokoll, Marjorie, BSW, MEd Healing Circles: A Manual for Integrating Spirituality into the Workplace 
Healing Judaism
Spiegel, Marcia Cohn, MA Commentary on Leviticus 27: 1-7 Parshat B'hukkotai Text Judaism
Spiegel, Marcia Cohn, MA Forgiveness and the Jewish High Holy Days Forgiveness Judaism
Steinman, Eleanor, Rabbi The Stigma of Fertility Infertility Health & Healing
Stone, Suzy Fourth Year Sermon for Parsha Metzora 
Sermon Advanced Directives
Sunderland, Ronald, EdD, Reverend The Congregation-Healing Institution Connection Spirituality Synagogue Community
Weintraub, Simkha Y., Rabbi, LCSW Meditation before Yom Kippur for One who Cannot Fast Yom Kippur Spirituality