Angela Roskop Erisman, Ph.D.

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(513) 487-3035
Managing Director, Hebrew Union College Press


Research Interests: 
Hebrew Bible

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Angela Roskop Erisman earned her M.A. in Hebrew and Northwest Semitics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1998) and her Ph.D. in Bible and Ancient Near East from HUC-JIR (Cincinnati 2008).

In addition to teaching Hebrew language and Bible courses at HUC-JIR and Xavier University (Cincinnati), she has worked as Production Manager of Hebrew Studies and Bulletin of Hebrew Higher Education, as a developmental editor for college-level textbooks, and as a freelance editor and writing coach for students and scholars in all areas of Jewish Studies. She currently serves as Editorial Director for The Marginalia Review of Books.

Dr. Erisman’s scholarly interests include Pentateuch/Torah, ancient historiography, literary theory, archaeology, and biblical law. Her first book, The Wilderness Itineraries: Genre, Geography, and the Growth of Torah, won a 2014 Manfred Lautenschläger Award for Theological Promise. In it, she explores how Israelite scribes transformed a mundane administrative genre in profoundly creative ways in order to give literary and ideological shape to the wilderness narrative as a repository of traditions designed to inform Israel’s restoration after the Babylonian exile. She is a contributor to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception and is active in scholarly conferences in Pentateuch in the United States, Europe, and Israel. Dr. Erisman has written several articles on the literary formation of the Pentateuch, including the flood story (Genesis 6-9), the sea crossing narrative (Exodus 14), and the prologue to Deuteronomy. She is currently at work on a second book, which will deal with the complaint episodes in Exodus and Numbers and articulate a refined approach to the composition history of the Pentateuch rooted in contemporary literary theory. When not studying Torah or polishing prose, she cooks, does calligraphy, and plays the violin.

Selected Publications and Edited Works

Mythologizing Exile: Life, Law, and Justice after the Flood, in Windows to the Ancient World of the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honor of Samuel Greengus (ed. B.T. Arnold, N.L. Erickson, and J.H. Walton; Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2014). PDF posted here [AE1] by permission of the publisher. Book may be purchased here.


Literary Theory and Composition History of the Torah: The Sea Crossing (Exod 14:1-31) as a Test Case, in Approaches to Literary Readings of Ancient Jewish Writings (ed. K. Smelik and K. Vermeulen; Studia Semitica Neerlandica 62; Leiden: Brill 2014) 53-76. Pre-print manuscript posted here [AE1] by permission of the publisher. Book may be purchased here.


Transjordan in Deuteronomy: The Promised Land and the Formation of the Pentateuch, Journal of Biblical Literature 132.4 (2013) 769-789.

Review of Thomas Dozeman, Konrad Schmid, and Baruch J. Schwartz, eds., The Pentateuch: International Perspectives on Current Research, Journal of the American Oriental Society 133.3 (2013) 551-553. [AE1] 


Deluge, War, and Dios Boule: Making Sense of Cross-Cultural Affinities in the Biblical Flood Story, KASKAL 7 (2010) 197-218.

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